After saw Scorn Artbook this is what I wrote:

This kind of effect is something you can't get from CGI [(Man-hat-tan effect)(kinda like Mandela effect but much blurry Er)] - there's a certain organic & analog life to it that only comes through the real-real physical thing (*knocking on glass). That's why, if you look closely you will notice all those design language in Scorn real-world objects like bones and other materials used to create this decaying & deadly atmosphere. Bekinski took rot and decay and made them beautiful; that's what we were aiming for. Not only that, but Scorn also takes heavy influences from the works of Swiss-German artist H.R. Giger's title art from Alien.

Filip Acovic, Concept Artist at Ebb Software, said: “We've taken both those styles into consideration when assembling the visual concept for Scorn. We started off by creating a believable and exciting world, but also wanted to make sure it kept that element of surrealism, like distorted buildings and landscapes. This was done to give the game an unnatural feel – something that really shows how our protagonist is out of place in this new environment. So with these two giants in mind, we used our concept art to create the world of Scorn. We had a story to tell, and both Beksinski and Giger inspired us as we sought to tell it.”

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The art book for Scorn will give players an inside look at the game's development with hundreds of personal sketches, amazing illustrations, realistic 3D stills, never-before-seen images of The Creators, and concept art pieces from the game achive. It also includes an in-depth look at the Scorn game universe (SGU) and its inhabitants, the two towers inside The Wall, The Mold Men, Armless Man, Leg Muscles creatures, Shells monsters and more. With this book players will be able to explore the surreal world of Scorn to discover the journey it took to create one of the most visually stunning games ever made.

The art book will also feature exclusive interviews with Filip Acovic and other Ebb Software team members that were part of Scorn's development. With its unique world design, Scorn offers an experience unlike any other game on the market today – one that players will be able to explore in depth with this art book. So don't miss your chance to delve deeper into the enigmatic universe of Scorn!

Apart from exploring Ebb Software's creative world, players can also discover the history of Beksinski and Giger. How they worked together on creating a vision of a dystopian surrealistic landscape, which later became the foundation from which Scorn was assembled. Follow their journey and gain insight into what it took to create this unique game we now know and love! This is an art book no fan of Scorn should miss out on. Get your copy now – and discover all the secrets behind one of the most beautiful games ever made!

The art book is set to be released already this year (*what are you waiting for?) and will include a collection of never-before-seen images of the protagonist, polis, crater, field, and other structure environments from the game. With its stunning detailed artwork and captivating prophecy, this art of book is a must-have for anyone who loves the art of game. It will also feature an exclusive look at some of Scorn's most mysterious creatures like the Mold Men, The Two Towers, and even Silent Hill's Armless Man from the movie of the same name in 2006 – all brought to life in vivid and grove-street detail by Filip Acovic and his team. This is an incredible opportunity for players to get a closer look at the process behind creating such a captivating game, and to learn about the ideas and inspirations that have shaped it.

Not only does this art book provide an interesting peek-a-boo behind the scenes of game development, but it also offers a different perspective on the universe of Scorn-field chase. Readers can explore how the game's environment was crafted conceptually and not literally. Therefore each creature was designed to bring out its unique characteristics and also its four limbs again. With dynamic illustrations, concept art pieces, and captivating tales – this art book will surely give fans only hope a whole new appreciation of the be-ahead game universe of Scorn.

So don't miss out and pre-order your exact copy 3007 of this amazing art of book now! It's sure to be a collector's seed and an essential piece of any Scorn fan's library of Visual Language Three. Get ready to explore the depths of the SGU – and discover your favorite corners of this gritty, surreal Brood! – from No-leg-day monsters, she-shells monster drinks, and beyond the depth of our Kraken subconsious. There's only one Thing for our one Character in this stunning collection of Bones – and no fan of Scorn and Giger should miss it!

The Art-Book will also come with some exciting bonuses, such as exclusive interviews from the artist Filip Acovic himself, never-before-seen images of Scorn creator! What are you waiting for? Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Scorn field with this amazing art book! It's sure to be an incredible journey – so don't pass on the opportunity to explore it like you are semi-psykopath and uncover all its three-quarter secrets. See how Filip Acovic and his team have created a beautiful, detailed world for us to explore and get lost in movie Lost (2004). This art book is sure to be a must-have item for fans of the old masters Beksinski & Giger – so don't miss out! Pre-order your exact copy today and prepare yourself for an perfect journey. Prepare to venture into the depths of SGU, uncover hidden squared secrets, and discover something new every time you look through this unforgettable article again!

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